IKEA to infuse Rs 3,000 crore in Karnataka

Susanne Pulverer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA India told the media that the company has committed to a long-term investment of Rs 3,000 crore in Karnataka. The Bengaluru unit is spread over 12.2 acres with 4,60,000 sq ft of commercial space, making it the biggest IKEA store in India.

Home accessories and furniture giant IKEA will officially open doors from 10 am on Wednesday. The Nagasandra Store is IKEA’s fourth store in the country.

She said that IKEA has engaged 1,000 co-workers with 72% local workers and plans to employ more people from the local neighbourhood. The company believes in empowering women.

Anje Heim, Market Manager, IKEA Nagasandra, said that IKEA strives to present home furnishing solutions that match the dreams of many for a better daily life.

IKEA said that 27% of products in Karnataka stores are locally sourced.

IKEA operates with five suppliers in Karnataka. One of them is an IKEA social entrepreneur, Industry, based out of Karnataka, who is operating with nearly 1,000 local artisans – making sofas, upholstery, furniture, plastic, armchairs, and metal articles, an IKEA spokesperson said.

Heim said the company has witnessed that a lot of importance is given to outer space because the firm has noticed many people having balconies here. Many of our clients in the city are those who go shopping with families. Hence, the company working on items that will supply storage solutions offers ideas about storage solutions, but also the changing storage space way if you have toddlers, school kids, or slightly elderly children.

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