RUMSL seeks developer for 13.8 GW pumped hydro storage projects

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar (RUMSL) has released a request for proposal (RFP) to select a developer for 13.8 GW of pumped hydro storage projects located across various sites in the state. Interested parties must submit their bids by June 7, 2023, with bid openings also scheduled for the same day. The bidding document is available for a price of Rs 295,000 ($3,563), and the successful bidder will be required to provide a bid security of Rs 1 million ($12,079). For each project site, a project development fee of Rs 25,000 ($302) per MW of the estimated capacity must be paid.

The pumped hydro storage projects aim to enhance the state's energy storage capabilities and support the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. Pumped hydro storage is a proven technology that utilizes surplus electricity to pump water from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir during periods of low demand. When there is a high demand for electricity, the stored water is released to flow downhill, driving turbines to generate electricity.

By leveraging pumped hydro storage, RUMSL seeks to improve grid stability, enable better utilization of renewable energy, and enhance overall energy system flexibility. The projects will play a crucial role in managing intermittent renewable energy generation and meeting peak electricity demand in an efficient and sustainable manner. The development of pumped hydro storage projects aligns with the government's commitment to clean and renewable energy sources, promoting energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The selected developer will contribute to the growth of the state's renewable energy infrastructure while driving economic development and job creation in the region.

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