This company is looking at Rs 60-70 billion in sales

Pune-based VTP Realty is a leading real-estate company, specialising in both commercial and residential large-scale developments. With customer-centricity as a core value, the business has seen exponential growth with over Rs 40 billion in sales revenue last year. In a conversation with SNEHA IYER, Sachin Bhandari, Executive Director &CEO, elaborates on VTP Realty’s journey and future plans.

Please take us through the history of VTP Realty.
VTP Realty is part of the VTP Group, established in 1985 by Mr Vilaskumar Thanmal Palresha. The company started as a construction material supplier, making a name for itself as the second-largest supplier of cement in Maharashtra and the largest in Pune. Another arm of the company contracts for other developers and government agencies.

VTP Realty started in 2008 as the sole real-estate arm after Mr Palresha’s sons joined the company and started expanding the land banks. I joined the company in 2015 and it has been a fruitful partnership since then. When I joined, it was a promoter-run company and we have worked towards creating an organised corporate structure. We have evolved to being a people-driven, process-driven business with various department functions with the right people.

The company has seen tremendous growth from Rs 90 crore in 2015 to over Rs 4,000 crore. What have been the contributing factors to this success?
When I joined, the vision was to be one of the top three players in Pune. We also made a major shift towards catering to end-user families with end-to-end real-estate development. We developed a three-tier philosophy of ‘Better Design, Better Build and Better Care’. The idea was to keep the customer at the centre of our product design and all interactions...

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