India unveils extensive transportation infrastructure plan

India's Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has unveiled a series of proposals to enhance the country's transportation infrastructure. These plans include ropeway and funicular railway projects, the construction of 500 bus terminals, and the introduction of 200,000 electric buses.

Gadkari revealed that his ministry has put forth proposals worth Rs 1.3 trillion for 260 ropeway and funicular railway projects. Additionally, 500 bus depots are planned, and the minister is seeking investments from prominent industrialists to support these initiatives.

The minister outlined a revamp of the public bus system, introducing a new boarding and alighting process where passengers would use smart cards instead of traditional tickets. He also intends to encourage private companies to participate in running public buses, following the successful London transport model.

Gadkari highlighted the economic benefits of electric buses, with operating costs significantly lower compared to diesel buses. The ministry of power's Convergence Energy Services manages the national e-Bus program, which reduces costs through demand pooling and tendering processes.

To attract private operators and improve the procurement process, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways plans to introduce a new system. This comes as industry response to tenders for 50,000 e-buses has been lacklustre.

Lowering logistics costs is a key objective for the government, aiming to bring them down to single digits from the current 14-16 per cent of India's GDP through the national logistics policy. This reduction will lead to increased exports and job opportunities.

Gadkari called for investments in building 670 roadside amenities, including industrial clusters and logistics parks, to support the growing agriculture production and exports. The government has also identified 500 bus ports as crucial transportation hubs.

The minister stressed the attractive returns on investment associated with these proposed schemes and urged the private sector to seize the burgeoning opportunities within the transportation sector. He emphasised the role of entrepreneurship and sufficient investments in realising Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of transforming India into an economic superpower.

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