The growth trend of radial tyres in OTR has been steadily rising

BKT Tires is one of the leading manufacturers in the off-highway tyre market, specialising in the manufacture of tyres for agricultural, industrial and OTR vehicles. Ashok P Chhajer, Sr. General Manager – OE Sales, (Domestic), Balkrishna Industries, speaks on the key challenges and opportunities in the market.

How do you perceive the current state of the OTR tyre manufacturing industry in India?

The OTR tyre industry in India is benefiting from the increasing infrastructural developments and the government's focus on expanding and modernising the transportation and logistics sectors. This has led to a surge in demand for high-performance OTR tyres. Additionally, the push towards self-reliance and the ‘Make in India’ initiative has further bolstered domestic production capabilities, reducing dependence on imports and fostering innovation and competitiveness among local manufacturers.

BKT as a key player in this sector, is optimistic about the future, is committed to contributing to the industry’s growth, and has continuously invested in state-of-the-art technology and research and development to stay ahead of the curve. Our focus on sustainability and efficiency in manufacturing processes aligns with global best practices, ensuring that we produce world-class tyres that cater to both domestic and international markets.

What are the key challenges and opportunities that you see for the industry?

Two of the key challenges are the fluctuation in raw material prices, particularly natural rubber and supply chain disruptions, due to geopolitical issues, are affecting the timely delivery of materials and products. However, despite these challenges, there are many opportunities. The growing infrastructure projects in India and other markets are driving demand for high-quality OTR tyres. 

What is the growth trend of radials in the OTR segment? How is your product mix in terms of radial and bias tyres?

The growth trend of radial tyres in the OTR segment has been steadily increasing. Radial tyres offer several advantages such as improved durability, better fuel efficiency, and enhanced traction to name a few. These benefits are driving the adoption of radial technology in various applications within the construction, mining, and agricultural sectors. However, the adoption is very slow and still at its nascent stage.

At BKT, we offer a product mix as per the market demand. While bias tyres still hold a significant share due to their robustness and cost-effectiveness in certain applications, we have been expanding our range of radial tyres to meet the growing demand. Our radial tyres are designed with advanced technology to provide superior performance, longer life, and increased comfort for operators, and have gained huge acceptability.

What is the current market size of OTR tyres in India? What is your outlook on the OTR tyre market beyond 2025?

The current market size of OTR tyres in India is substantial, driven by the rapid expansion of the nation's infrastructure, ports, mining, agriculture and industrial activities.

Looking beyond 2025, we anticipate continued robust growth in the OTR tyre market. The government's focus on infrastructure development, urbanisation, and modernisation of the agricultural sector will significantly boost demand for OTR tyres. 

BKT is optimistic about the future and is committed to leveraging these opportunities by continuously innovating and expanding our product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the market.

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