Unitech Resumes Construction on Two Gurugram Projects

After a hiatus of 12 years, real estate developer Unitech has commenced construction on two projects in Gurugram. The resumption of work marks a significant milestone for the company and signals progress in completing long-delayed developments.

The projects, located in Gurugram, had been stalled for over a decade due to various challenges including financial constraints and regulatory issues. However, with renewed efforts and strategic planning, Unitech has initiated construction activities, aiming to fulfil its commitments to homebuyers and stakeholders.

The decision to resume construction on these projects comes amidst growing demand for quality housing and commercial spaces in Gurugram's real estate market. Unitech's move is expected to inject fresh momentum into the local property sector and provide relief to buyers who had been awaiting possession of their units.

The revitalization of construction activities reflects Unitech's determination to address past setbacks and regain trust in the market. By prioritising the completion of stalled projects, the company aims to rebuild its reputation and strengthen its position in the real estate industry.

While challenges may persist, the resumption of construction on these Gurugram projects signals a positive outlook for Unitech and underscores its commitment to delivering on its promises. As work progresses, stakeholders will closely monitor developments, anticipating the timely delivery of homes and commercial spaces to buyers.

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