Building Tall, Building Strong

India’s urban skyline is constantly changing with the increasing construction of tall buildings to cater to the growing population. Tall buildings present special challenges in design and construction as well as in the choice of materials for the interiors. Sometimes, the availability (or the contrary) of a certain material influences the design. Sometimes, the design drives the choice of materials. CW engaged with developers with tall building expertise and consultants to determine what must be considered in material selection to ensure that the building has longevity,is environment-friendly, operates efficiently and requires minimal maintenance.

Construction materials

In the construction of tall buildings, tower cranes and concrete pumps play a crucial role. “Potain, Liebherr and ACE tower cranes are reliable and capable of superior load management,” says Vaibhav Kulkarni, General Manager, Projects, Aaryan Devcon. “Putzmeister high-pressure concrete pumps have excellent pumping capacity and durability, both of which are essential to deliver concrete to great heights with precision...

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