Multifunctional furniture for compact urban homes

To have a land in tier one cities where infrastructure rates are touching skies, small compact spaces are not stopping an individual?s life from having their dream home in the desired city. But many people having cozy spaces find it frustrating to fit in all their accommodation and end up creating a messy environment at homes. That?s where multifunction furniture comes into the picture, a smart work of creating spacious interiors even in cranked up areas.

"Furniture designs have become utilitarian to serve more than one purpose. With compact homes, multi-functional furniture is economical, space saving and has gained popularity. Presently, the trend is to invest in select quality furniture that adds value to one?s lives. For example, a storage bed trunk can double up as a bench and can be used at the foot of the bed" says Ar Anupriya Sahu, Founder and Design Head, Alankaram, M.P.

"The 'work from home' culture requires ergonomic furniture to sit for long working hours. This table can be made multifunctional by adding technologically advanced with added features like Bluetooth speakers, wireless mobile chargers and power sockets to be truly conducive to a home-office, she adds.

Multifunctional furniture manages space and reduces the burden of cleaning but trigger its maintenance. It surely makes life easy if they are maintained well as most of the times one multifunctional furniture is interlocked with one attachment. If one thing breaks it affects the entire piece of the furniture resulting into make it useless if not fixed.

Let?s have a look at how can one turn their compressed space into a modern spacious home with the help of multifunctional furniture.

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