Progress in the Smart Cities project in J&K

Eco-balance and quality of life in Jammu and Srinagar to be increased with the development of open spaces, parks, and playgrounds.

Smart City Mission had been launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) GoI under which 100 cities were to be picked for Urban renewal and retrofitting to promote cities providing core infrastructure, a decent quality of life, and applying smart solutions for the improvement of services and infrastructure.

The Smart Cities project would enable flexibility in land utilisation and building bye-laws to adapt to the changes. It will also help to enhance walkable localities by reducing congestion, promoting interactions, air pollution, and resource depletion, boosting the local economy, and ensuring security. Under this mission, the road network is refurbished for vehicles, public transport, pedestrians, and cyclists. The necessary administrative services have been offered within walking or cycling distance.

While working on the mission, the idea of the Jammu Smart City Project and the Special Purpose Vehicle’s objective of Jammu Smart City Limited is to transform the city into a “city of the people, for the people, and by the people ''. It will be a city people take pride in calling their own and take responsibility for, example of good, sustainable and healthy living. The government aims for it to be a city of high “happiness quotient”.

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