BUDA to start work on Kanabargi residential layout project in Nov

The Belagavi Urban Development Authority (BUDA), which has been struggling for the past 15 years to develop any residential layout, now has three projects in the works.

The state cabinet gave financial approval to develop Kanabargi residential layout project (scheme no.16) last week. Due to legal complications, this project has been on hold for over a decade and a half. With the government's approval, the project will get underway soon.

In 2019, BUDA acquired 131 acres of land from farmers. Earlier, the authority proposed a 60:40 land-sharing formula to landowners. However, after some bargaining, the government agreed to a 50:50 share. So, 50% of the developed land would be given to the landowners.

On the same lines, BUDA is preparing to develop layouts in Hindalaga and Zadshahapur, on the outskirts of the city. The land has been identified for both of these residential projects and two notices have already been sent to the landowners. The BUDA is now ready to issue a final notice.

“As far as Kanabargi layout project is concerned, the cabinet has given its approval to go ahead. It would take at least two months to complete the tender process. We are expecting that work would start in the month of November”, said BUDA commissioner Preetam Nasalapure.

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